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whoareyouwhoami's Journal

Who are You? Who am I?
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This is a community for those who are seeking to share their lives with others, to put their thoughts and feelings into words for others to read; as well as for those seeking friendship, companionship, or maybe just a new perspective to help them see things more clearly. This is a community for mature, passionate, and compassionate people. Predjudice and intolerance, hatred and judgement, will not be tolerated here.

This community's purpose is to essentially swap diaries. Note that I say diary, not journal. In my opinion a diary is typically composed of someone's thoughts, feelings, and tends to have very personal things written within it. While by my deffinition, a journal is more of a log of one's activities; the typical journal discusses where you went, who you saw, what you did, things like that. As opposed to the raw personal and emotional truth, the pains and joys, and the powerful moments in a person's life, and the very soulful and heartfelt revelations that tend to compose a diary.

That said, for those who appreciate this form of writing, for those who are willing to ask the questions, "Who are you?" and "Who am I?", this is the community for you. Feel welcome to post an introduction of yourself, and I wish you best of luck in finding people to share with.