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Who are You? Who am I?

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Hello. [Aug. 10th, 2006|12:25 am]
Who are You? Who am I?


[Current Mood |awake]

I am Poster. It's a pseudonym.
I only write here when I contemplate it for a long time.
In my journal, you will find a collection of events and recollections of the past few years. This is only a complement of my life, it leaves large gaps in plot and leaves many things unexplained. But, I think it is good, and maybe worth a read.
Here, I say things as I mean them, in the rawest forms I have, that is why it is completely annonymous, and must remain that way. I can tell you this:
I'm a girl, I post, I will reply to your comments and posts, and I think...a lot.
I hope here to have a new place to say things I find out about myself, over and over. Also, I hope to find others in search of people to listen.