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I am... (My life formed into words) - Who are You? Who am I? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Who are You? Who am I?

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I am... (My life formed into words) [Feb. 26th, 2006|04:39 am]
Who are You? Who am I?


"¿My soul takes it's toll?"

These faded walls are closing in behind me
Someone help! Someone please find me!
What am I to do
Look back and watch it all go black?

These dryless waves come crashing, I am traped in a cage
Chocking my life as I strugle to survie
My soul felt so cold as I faded away
Bliss with pain
Have I gone insane?

I stand alone
Please take me home
I don't belong
Do I think wrong?

These coldless fires burn me with desires
I am like the wind and cannot stop what I inspire (fire)
The flames grow with every concern
That if my heart stops, I'll never return (they want me to suffer)

My muted soul takes it's toll
As I'm lay'd to rest, barried in my hole (home)
On my tomb, I lay with the dead (my final words are)
"I never forgot what color I bleed"

I stand alone
Rotting flush and bone
Take me to my grave
I wanna go home

My name is Kris and I am a poet/song writer/guitarest...


W-ith every breath I take
A-nd every step I make
S-hould there come a day, that
H-ysteria will rule away
I-nsomnia overwhelms the
N-ight, and so dose
G-uilt and pride

S-eparating from my heart
A-re the things that have torn apart
R-ecord this sympathatic pain
R-uthfulness is what I became
O-f all that was left
W-ashing away were my
S-arrows reign