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Newish - Who are You? Who am I? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Who are You? Who am I?

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Newish [Apr. 20th, 2005|03:40 pm]
Who are You? Who am I?


I'm not technically new to livejournal. I used to have a journal a few years ago, but I abandoned it. So I'm back again looking to find some journals to read.

Info about me:
-I was born and raised in California. I moved to Massachusetts last summer to attend grad school. I'm still a west coast chick at heart.
-I'm graduating in May and will have my Master's degree in education as well as my teaching cretendial to teach elementary school.
-I'm a huge procrastinator. Right now it is Spring Break and I should be working on my projects, but I'm looking at lj communities instead.